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Captains Play Free!!

Want to Captain an Everplay Team?

What are my responsibilities?

Below are the 11 responsibilities of a captain. If you are unable or unwilling to fulfill these responsibilities, please do not start a team.

  1. Come out to your games every week (missing one here and there is okay).
  2. Manage and distribute shirts to your team.
  3. Manage all aspects of your game. This includes at a minimum: building a lineup for your team, keeping track of your score, ensuring you're fielding the proper number of players and they know where to go on the field, instructing them on how to play.
  4. Verifying that the people playing on your team are actually listed on your team
  5. Sending out 3-4 weekly emails to your team(s) alerting them of team-only activities and Everplay-wide events. Encourage all teammates to sign up AND RSVP for Everplay events.
  6. Sending out a weekly evite/invite to your team to each game.
  7. Rallying your team at the bar.
  8. Organize team happy hours during the season.
  9. Read, understand, and follow the rules for each sport for which you are a captain.
  10. Engage ALL of your teammates in the game and post-game activities. Do not exclude anyone.
  11. Act as the primary liaison between Everplay and your team. 

It's not as much work as it sounds... Just be awesome and make sure your team has fun!
Do captains play for free?

Yes! Once your team hits the minimum number of players for the sport, you play for free. You will need to email us for the captain's refund.

        Kickball = 15 Players

        Volleyball = 12 Players


How do I create a team?

Click on the league you want to join
Click on the green "join this league" button
Choose the "Start a team" option
Complete the registration and payment process
Create a team name
Invite your friends to join, when you get the minimum number, your fees will be refunded. 

Email us with questions, info@everplaytricities.com